Welcome to the website for Tracs bvba from Herentals. You have been coming to our young, dynamic company since 2009 for the servicing and repair of screeding machines and other vehicles, such as trucks, vans and cars. We can carry out all major and minor repairs from the front radiator to rear bumper. Thanks to our good contacts with a whole range of suppliers, we always work with original, branded parts. So you can be sure that once it has been through our hands, your machine or vehicle will be running perfectly again.

When it comes to screeding machines, we specialise mainly in products made by Bremat. We also have all the expertise required for other brands, such as Brinkmann and M.C. Machines.
Come to us for all sorts of screeding equipment, as well as other necessities, such as safety workwear (e.g. gloves). You can also order online from our webshop.


Got a breakdown? Call our service line: 0475/75 60 62

Our repair service carries out repairs in our workshop as well as on-site. Got an emergency? You can reach our service line from Monday morning at 6.00 am right through until Saturday afternoon at 3.00 pm. Wherever possible, we will try and find a (temporary) solution over the phone. Otherwise we will come out as quickly as possible to have a look. That’s because our aim is to get your machine up and running again as soon as we can!

Why opt for Tracs bvba?

Because at Tracs bvba, you can always count on outstanding service. Business manager Dirk Dergent has over 10 years’ experience operating with these machines and Iveco trucks and always works with experienced mechanics. Our team has all the knowledge you need about pneumatics and hydraulics, and is also totally up-to-date with the latest gadgets in the area of electronics: we know everything there is to know about on-board computers and PLC controls. So take a quick look at the other pages of this website and find out more about Tracs!


Order onIine

Tracs bvba in Herentals sells all kinds of screeding equipment and accessories:
straightlines, spades, workwear, etc.